Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reeses Stuffed Oreos

You know how sometimes you see a recipe, and think, WOW....I NEED to go make this NOW!! Well, that happened to me the other day. So I went to the store that very day and got what I needed to make these bad boys. And I made them. And ate them. And ate some more. Then told my husband he had to have one. So, he had like 6.

Our lives have never been the same. Seriously...It was one of those moment where you don't know how you have lived a good life before now. And the best part is: they are SO easy! Actually, that might be the worst part. But who cares?! Its worth it and you will love me forever for it.

Basically, you don't even need a recipe for them.
-Go get a package of Oreos.
-And a package or Reeses...The big ones.
-Get a package of milk chocolate or white chocolate. Or both!
-Take top of the cookie off, and eat it. Or reserve it for decoration. Or if you're really boring, throw it away.
-Put the Reeses in between the filling parts of 2 cookies you took the tops off of.
-Dip them in your milk or white chocolate you melted with a little butter or shortening.
-Refrigerate until hardened. 


Just don't weigh yourself for a few days.

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