Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peanut Butter Snickers Stuffed Brownies

Hurricanes tend to ruin a lot of plans...
Unfortunately, weather doesn't seem to care about our plans, and we have to roll with the punches. My heart really does go out to everyone who lost their homes and neighborhoods in the storm. I can't even begin to imagine the heartache that comes with losing your home. For a lot of people, the houses they lost were ones they had grown up in, or raised their families in.
I hope that's a loss I never have to experience.

I know houses are just material things, but there are so many memories built into a home. It's more than a building, but a refuge. That place you can't wait to get back to after a hard day, or a long vacation; that place that family gathers for holidays and football games and many great meals, and fun times are shared.

Remember to take time to pray for those families that are hurting.

On a lighter note, I am in a dilemma because of this storm.

Trick or treating was supposed to be this past monday. But, because of the storm, it was cancelled until November 4th.


Do you have any idea how much candy I have in my kitchen right now, waiting for cute little kids to snatch it up?!


And now, I have to have it in my kitchen for another 4 days. And I have to try to not eat it.

Obviously, resisting completely is......well, impossible.
So I've been sneaking a few here and there.

And tomorrow is the day after Halloween  so everything will be 50% off......I''ll just replenish then.

But I made brownies with some of the snickers that have been taunting me and they were some of the best brownies me and my husband EVER had!!!!!

Peanut Butter Snickers Stuffed Brownies
Pre-heat oven to 350

-1 Box of your favorite brownie mix, or THIS recipe doubled, which is what I used!
-1 cup smooth peanut butter
-27-30 mini snickers bars
-1 cup milk chocolate chips

Line and an 8x8" baking dish with wax paper or tinfoil, and lightly grease.
Prepare your brownie batter.
Spread half of the batter into prepared dish.

Place unwrapped (duh) snickers close together onto first layer of brownie batter.

In a microwave safe bowl, heat up peanut butter at 30 second intervals, stirring well until smooth and liquid.

Pour peanut butter evenly, all over snickers.

Carefully pour and spread the other half of your brownie batter over snickers and peanut butter layer.

Bake for 40-45 minutes.

Immedeately spread chocolate chips all over the top and let melt for a couple minutes before
spreading around melted chocolate smooth all over the top.

Allow to completely cool before removing tin foil or paper from pan and cutting into squares!
Enjoy these babies!

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