Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twix Trifle

I'm all about candy bar inspired desserts.

Like almond joy brownies, butterfinger blondies, snickers cake.....They're all just so good.

I was inspired the other night by the cute little mini twix's and as I was eating one, dreamily basking in the magnificently smooth chocolate + caramel and then crunchy shortbread combination, an idea hit me! Since I am the lover of all things trifle, why not do a twix trifle?!

Let me tell you, this stuff is the bomb. I only wish the pictures did it justice but let's face it- there's just no way to make a serving of trifle look pretty.

I suggest you just make it to see for yourself.

Twix Trifle
We're going to need 5 layers:

1- For the Chocolate cake I used THIS recipe, HALVED.
2- For the Caramel sauce I used THIS recipe.
3- For the Shortbread cookies I used THIS recipe, halved, but I might do the whole recipe next time.
4- For the whipped topping I used 2, 8 oz. tubs of Cool Whip
5- For the chocolate mouse:

-1 Cup milk chocolate chips
-1/4 Cup Heavy Cream
 Mix together on the stove top in a small pot.
Stir constantly over medium heat til smooth.
Let cool.
Fold the ganache into one of the tubs of cool whip in a medium bowl.

Now that you have all your layers, layer away!
I started with Chocolate cake, cubed into smallish cubes on the bottom.
Chocolate Mousse.
Crumbled shortbread.
Caramel sauce.
Cool Whip.
Repeat to the top!

Obviously you can mess with it....There's no wrong way to do a trifle, but this seriously taste just like a Twix...So I can't couch for the Twix-y taste so much if things are changed. But I do know, It will taste amazing no matter what!

Happy Tuesday!

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