Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almond Butter Protein Balls

I love my husband. And I refuse to ever bash him.

But sometimes, he says and does things that make no sense....

Like, We go out to eat and he orders the biggest, greasiest thing on the menu, devours it, then complains about how full he is, and how fat he thinks he's getting.

Or we'll be out running errands, and on our way home, he decided he's CRAVING a burger and needs one NOW. Even though I just grocery shopped, and if he waited 3 more minutes, we would be home and he could eat all of the wonderful food I just spent $150 on yesterday.

But being a manly man, he wants his manly, greasy, not really food-food. And then I hear 

"man, I gotta start running."

So I say "Let's go running when we get home!"

"Nah, I don't want to have to think about it... I just want to get up and do it."

"You say that everyday."

"I know, but someday I'll get sick of saying it and actually do it."

We have this convo like,  783 times a week. 

But today was the day....I think he's had enough and is driving himself crazy with all his talk....So he's on a kick right now, and went out and bought himself some createne and protein powder cause he said it will make him want to start working out again...


So, me being the good wife that I am, made these super duper delicious almond butter balls to help him on his quest to get back in shape!

You can totally sub Peanut Butter for the Almond Butter. I just loooove Almond Butter and it's sometimes a nice change from PB. Plus it is amazingly good for you! Yes, I do keep healthy things in my house sometimes.

Believe it or not, I am a bit of a health nut, just not one of those crazy ones. I love my sugar and will never, ever give it up. It's a moderation thing most of the time, though will admit I do go overboard and pig out on cake and stuff...... But no one's perfect, and you have to let loose sometimes!

Back to the Almond balls.

They only take 4 ingredients, 5 minutes of your time, And have about 50 calories in each one, and are packed with protein...So when you hit that afternoon slump or need a quick healthy snack, grab a few of these and they will make you happy you didn't get a snickers instead.

Almond Butter Protein Balls
Makes 30-35 balls

1/2 Cup Raw Unsalted Almond Butter (or smooth PB)
1/2 Cup Honey
3/4 Cup Quick Cooking Oats
3/4 Cup Non-Fat Powdered Milk

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until very well combined.
Roll into bite sized balls.

The End.


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