Monday, February 20, 2012

Pumpkin Dream Cake

I saw this cake awhile ago on pinterest and have been dying, DYING to make it!
But, I couldn't.
I was sad. I cried, I whined, I had a tantrum.

Why, you ask? 

Wait, which part are you asking about- the tantrum, or the part where I couldn't make it?

The part where I couldn't' make it...where the heck are ya gonna find pumpkin pudding in February?!

I feel like it's so unfair for us pumpkin people. It's almost like we're supposed to curb our desire for anything pumpkin all year until it comes out those highly anticipated 3 months. 3 months, if you're lucky.

And I threw a tantrum, because you would too if you heard this cake was originally called 'Pumpkin Lust Cake', saw the beautiful photos of it, and were having MAJOR withdrawals! The pumpkin kind. Don't go starting rumors and making up crazy stories, now.

BUT, a dear friend found the pumpkin pudding jackpot while shopping last week! I'm pretty sure she bought them out. She called me, and told me about her find, and asked "How many do you want?!!?!" I almost peed myself with excitement! We've only been talking about making this cake FOREVER!

I told her to get 15! I'm starting to regret not having her buy more....the stuff is killer, man!

So, I'm sorry I have to tell you about this cake, while we're not in pumpkin season. But you can totally make it with chocolate or vanilla pudding and it would be AH-MAZ-ING. Just not as amazing as if you had pumpkin pudding.
Just save this recipe for the coming fall cause you need to make this stuff.

Oh, and I halved this recipe and it turned out perfectly perfect, so if you don't want to be  "stuck" with a 9x13 inch pan, halving it and using a pie plate works just as wonderfully.

Pumpkin Dream Cake
Pre-heat oven to 375

1 Stick Butter (I used Earth Balance Spread)
1 Cup flour
1 Cup chopped pecans
2 Tbsp. sugar

Mix all together well, and press into the bottom of a 9x13 baking dish.
Bake in preheated oven 10 to 15 minutes.

Cream Cheese Layer:
1, 8 oz. package of cream cheese softened
1 Cup powdered sugar
2, 8Oz containers of light cool whip (or 1, 16 oz. divided in half)

Beat Cream Cheese with powdered sugar. Fold in cool whip and mix til completely and very well combined.

Pumpkin Pudding Layer:
2 (3.4 oz) Packages Pumpkin Spice Pudding
3 cups Cold milk ( I used Almond milk)

Whisk pudding with milk very well till there are no lumps and pudding starts to thicken.
Put in refrigerator for 5 minutes.

Over your cooled crust, spread out the cream cheese layer.
Spread Pumpkin Pudding layer over that, and top with remaining container of Cool Whip.
Lightly sprinkle with Nutmeg.
Keep in the Refrigerator.



  1. Oh My!! This looks amazing! I think you should figure out how to make pumpkin pudding from canned pumpkin so that you can ALWAYS make this!

  2. I have a recipe for pumpkin pudding from scratch...I made this recipe awhile ago with chocolate pudding from scratch, instead of the jello choc. pudding and the one with jello pudding was by faaaar better! There's something about the boxed pudding that makes it so much better- I don't know why! But I'm sure it would be good still with homemade pumpkin pudding.

  3. My mom made this desert years ago 1st time we had it was when someone brought to party and she had used pastachio pudding it was awesome also in banana.