Monday, February 27, 2012

Donut Hole Brownies

In case you haven't noticed, I'm all about excess and overload when it comes to dessert.

Thankfully I married a man shares with my sweets overload tendencies. We are a good match. We both have the biggest sweet tooth's in the universe. There has never ever once in our marriage been a time that he ate something ridiculously sugary, and said, 'this is too sweet'.

We have the ability to polish off an entire half gallon of ice cream in one sitting, and frequently eat the desserts I make in one day. Sooometimes they last for two. But it is rare.

I love that man. Not only for this sweet tooth we share, of course. But that certainly helps.

I do try to make things a little lighter though when I cook/bake.

Like I'll use 35 calorie plain almond milk in recipes that call for cream or regular milk. Mr. husband is a 'man food' kind of guy, and he has never ever EVER noticed.

Another thing I do is replace oil with applesauce, always, except for bread. Duh.

And lately, I've been cutting the sugar in half in most desserts, and doing the other have Stevia. 

When I tell Mr. husband about that after he eats something he always tells me he had no idea...But then he thinks that since it's 'healthy', he can eat 3 times as much. But so do It. And this is why we're married.

I don't put these sneaky little tricks in the recipes though, because:
a) people will get freaked out, and never make or eat anything in my blog.
b) who keeps a big bag of stevia around, anyways? 
c) and if you're gonna have dessert, HAVE DESSERT.
d) also, sometimes it does change the texture a teensy, weensy, tiny bit....and although me and husband don't care, and it still tastes amazing, I don't want to give you a recipe that isn't what you were dreaming it would be.

So, that's my story.

These brownies though are pretty impossible to even try to healthify. I mean, they have donut holes in
They're also pretty impossible to resist, and they are the easiest things in the universe to throw together.

Donut Hole Brownies
 Prepare a 8x8 pan by greasing very well.
Pre-heat oven to 325.
Your favorite brownie recipe. I used this recipe over at Smitten Kitchen.
A package of Glazed Donut Holes with at least 12.

Prepare brownie batter.
Spread a little less than half the batter in the bottom of the prepared pan.
Press donut holes into the batter, and pour remaining batter evenly over them.

Bake for about 25 minutes. 
Let cool in the pan for 15 minutes, then dump out onto a plate.

For the Ganache:
1 1/2 Cups Chocolate Chips (milk or semi-sweet)
3 Tbsp. Milk

In a pan, over medium/low heat, combine choc. chips and milk.
Stir constantly untl chocolate is smooth and melted.
Be careful to not over heat! I shut off the burner right before all the chips were melted, cause it keeps melting from the heat of the pan even after you take it off.

Pour ganache all over your brownies.
Let it set for 20 minutes and dig in!



  1. you have something against applesauce bread?

  2. okay....besides applesauce bread. I was talking more like yeasty breads. Besides, applesauce bread sounds quite boring.

  3. looks easy, may try this one. great birthday cake with ice cream i bet. nan